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Scalp Revive is Leeds first and only specialist Scalp Micropigmentation clinic. Lead artist Shane Anderson strives to provide you with a treatment that will restore not only your hairline but your confidence too.

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At Scalp Revive, we offer both permanent and semi-permanant scalp micropigmentation. The semi-permanent option is often referred to as tricopigmentation. Both involve the process of a highly qualified practitioner implanting thousands of microdots into the surface of the skin, in order to simulate hair follicles. The treatments and their results differ due to the inks, techniques and equipments used.

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Tricopigmentation is an entirely different technique that requires pigments to be deposited in the skin at an extremely superficial depth. This difference enables the pigments to fade quickly and be flushed out of the skin in a much shorter period of time, disappearing entirely within 12-24 months in most cases.

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