Scalp micropigmentation

Scalp Revive offer both permanent and semi-permanent scalp micropigmentation in the UK. The semi-permanent option is often referred to as tricopigmentation and the results last between 12-24 months, making it a great option for those clients who are hesitant to commit to the permanent option. You can also rest assured that tricopigmentation is recognised by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery as a solution for hair loss. The permanent option lasts much longer, requiring a top after 3-5 years.

Both the permanent and semi-permanent process of scalp micro-pigmentation involves implanting thousands of microdots into the dermis of the skin. This process simulates the hair follicles and gives the appearance of hair in areas where you have experienced hair loss.

Results can vary in terms of the inks, techniques and equipment used. Based in Leeds, our clinic makes use of the latest technology to offer the most authentic hairline possible. If you have been looking for various solutions to hair loss, you may be weighing up the cost of micropigmentation against other more expensive solutions. It may also be the case that you don’t meet the requirements for a hair transplant and are looking for an alternative solution.

You will be pleased to know that both types of scalp micro-pigmentation treatments are open to virtually everyone. You can even still receive such treatment if you have already had a hair transplant and desire a denser look to your hair. Additionally, we can camouflage scars through our micropigmentation hair treatments, and this includes FUE and FUT hair transplant scars, as well as other imperfections on the head. Click here to request a free consultation.
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